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Everipixel - Next steps

Update: This project is not being actively developed. I did not manage to make much of it after the MVP

My project everipixel recently won the grand prize at everiToken’s hackathon

Now it was just a M.V.P. of what I really wanted to achieve, which is something along the lines of the million dollar home page, and reddit’s r/place.

Right now I am leaving everipixel.com as is, while I work on a newer version. I’ll eventually archive the current 50x50 pixel board, and could possibly copy it to the mainnet so it can live on there forever.

More pixels!

Currently it sits at just 50x50 pixels. My vision is to have a 1000x1000 pixel board eventually.

I’ve been in contact with the everitoken team, and they’re helping me out with some ideas and new features to try and make that more of a reality. The next version will probably not be 1000x1000, but I definitely want to increase the size of the canvas.

Keeping it fun

One thing I am currently trying to find a solution for is how to keep it fun. Right now, when you set a pixel it basically will be yours forever. I’ll add some way to put them up for auction or something like that, but that can lead to a pretty stale canvas eventually when some people forget about the pixels they own.

I haven’t found a solution yet, but I’m thinking of having something like ‘daily’ canvases that people can contribute to, which will get ’locked’ after a 24 hour period. So then there is some time pressure to make something interesting, and we can keep a museum of canvases.

Another idea I’m having is that there could also be a bit more action if there was a way for people to claim pixels that haven’t been touched in a long time. So pixel owners would have to do some kind of upkeep, or perhaps pay a ‘pixel property tax’ to maintain their pixel.

Paying a tax doesn’t sound like a lot of fun though, so I’m still thinking of some more interesting alternatives.

More action

I’d like to make the pixels a bit more interactive. Some way for people to leave their URL on the pixels they own, and possibly some way for them to give the pixel more than one color, that the board would then cycle through, effectively allowing them to animate a part of the canvas.

Better UX

There are tons of ways to improve the overall experience, I’ll be working on the general UI and UX of everipixel too.

One step at a time

As usual, I have more ideas than I can deal with. Instead of trying to do everything at once, I’ll be making small steps. If you have any ideas or thoughts, I’m always happy to hear them! Let me know on my twitter! I don’t have a comments section here yet because I’m not totally happy with the solutions out there.

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Last Updated: 25 Apr 2022