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Hello World


I am a man of few words, so don’t expect too much from these blog posts. But I recently won a hacakathon for a pretty cool project. I want some way to keep people up to date about it, since I plan to do some further development.

Update: I am not actively working on Everipixel

So I figured it was time to start a blog!

I have way too many content creation side projects going on, so this might be some place to consolidate it all.

I’ll try to add tags and ways to filter the posts to just the things you are interested in. But, for now that is really not needed. There is just one post on this site currently, and the next one will probably be about everipixel.

If I start writing enough that it merits tags and filters, then that feature will get added.

In the meantime, if you want to check out what I’ve been up to:

  • Everipixel - my entry in the everitoken hackathon that won the grand prize

  • oponder on youtube - where I make videos on things that interest me

  • Oliver’s Photos on youtube - where I make videos related to photography and gear *Update: I decided to close this channel since writing this blog post.

  • @oliver_ponder on twitter

  • @olivers.hobbies on instagram

Last Updated: 25 Apr 2022